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Entertainment 88 is a cutting edge, multi faceted music, video and entertainment company based in Melbourne that offer innovative services in music tuition, audio recording & music production, video production and the promotion of live music and entertainment

Entertainment 88 has a talented team of creative individuals, with a wealth of industry experience in music, performance, video production and entertainment, enabling them to offer a diverse range of exciting services which include:

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    Live Entertainment

    Entertainment 88 provides a boutique Melbourne Entertainment Management service for the promotion of live music and entertainment……Learn more

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    Recording Services

    Entertainment 88 recording services is a modern audio recording and music production facility for singers, performers, solo artists, voice overs and video production…… Learn more


  • singing lessons
    Singing Lessons

    Entertainment 88 provides professional singing lessons in Melbourne.From beginners to advanced, the main objective is to have fun​…. Learn more

  • live entertainment
    Voices 88

    Voices 88 is a singing group for adults. It’s for everyone who loves to sing, but has never had the opportunity to give it a real go! Enjoy the benefits of singing……. Learn more

  • video productions
    Video Production

    Entertainment 88 are a contemporary Melbourne video production company offering creative services in music videos, web videos, cinematic wedding videos, performer video showreels…… Learn more

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Entertainment 88 is your one-stop shop for everything entertainment.