5 Weeks Of Singing Tips! #3

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Tip #3 for the voice: SLEEP

cruise-liner-spainThats right we all need sleep and its something that a lot of people are mentioning these days! Sleep is just so important to how we function each day in every aspect of our life.

It is so important for the voice and I know first hand from experience how sleep has affected my voice!!

sharon-and-darryl-on-stage-1Darryl and I had just finished a contract in Spain for 6 months singing in a 5 star resort and had been asked to sing on a world cruise leaving from Miami on a 6 star cruise line called Seabourn. We had flown from Spain to London then onto Miami and had one night before getting on board. I was so jet lagged I don’t know how my eyeballs didn’t fall out!!! We had to set up and play the first night on the ship from 6pm until 4am. We had celebrities on board doing shows and many high profile people wanting to be on this cruise!sharon-and-darryl-on-stage-2

Not only were we singing all hours of the night but we also had ship induction training at 7am each day for 2 weeks. Once you start a cruise contract you do not have a day off until you leave! It was only a few days into our 4 months contract! My voice went bye bye on me and i was stressed and crying and just wanted to go home! I had a voice but had lost my top notes and and found it quite hard to sing freely!

Darryl was a blessing saying its all going to be ok and it was! After 2 weeks of crazy singing and inductions I finally had a few nights where I slept properly and guess what… MY VOICE CAME BACK!