5 Weeks Of Singing Tips! #4

Darryl Moulton Uncategorized

Tip #4 for the voice: Hydration

Do you drink enough water???

Being hydrated is a key element in having good vocal health.

Dr. Ron Scherer explains:

I ask my students to clap their hands hard – there is a slight stinging sensation. Then, I ask them to do the same thing with a little soapy water: no sting. When you’re singing, your vocal folds are essentially slapping together. What the singer needs is a “cushion” between the folds and this is achieved by having a nice mucus coating on the vocal folds. This coating requires proper hydration.

There are always studies on how much water you should be drinking. It is finding that balance for you. If you exercise or sweat a lot more than others you will need more water to replace the fluid loss. Same for those that drink coffee or caffeinated drinks. These drinks dehydrate so you need to drink more water to stay hydrated.

drink-lots-of-waterStaying hydrated improves the function of so many things in your body!

Drinking room temperature water is best as this is absorbed into your blood stream better. Cold or chilled water doesn’t get absorbed as much!

If you have had a lesson with me in either of my group classes or solo lesson, I always have my water and herbal tea flask sitting by me! I tend to sip tea and water all day!

So before you have your next lesson or are going to have a big sing, make sure you have been drinking enough water to make those vocal chords healthy!!!