Everyone Can Sing

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At Entertainment 88 singing lessons we always tell of our students that they can learn to sing! A lot of them don’t believe us at first, but after some time at our studio, they slowly come to realize that it is possible! Some quicker than others, but if you can talk you can sing. Singing is just sustained speech.

Everybody when they start singing find it easier to sing in their chest voice. Chest voice is the lowest singing register closest to our speaking voice. What becomes more difficult is singing with more power and strength in our higher range using our head voice, mix voice and belt voice. This takes a little while to get out of your comfort zone, and smooth over your breaks or bridges from chest to head. We teach you good breathing and breath support to hold those higher notes stronger, longer and healthier. Using good, healthy technique is Paramount.

The main research shows that a good foundation and good technique and lots of practicing the correct way, teaches the brain to form good new habits.

In February, “New” research from North Western University in the USA confirms what we have been promoting at Entertainment 88 for years! Everyone can sing!

Steven Demorest, a professor of music education at Northwestern’s Bienen School of Music, published this study in a special issue of the journal Music Perception.

Here are some quotes from that study we at Entertainment 88 singing school believe are relevant:

“No one expects a beginner on violin to sound good right away, it takes practice, but everyone is supposed to be able to sing”, Demorest said. “When people are unsuccessful, they take it very personally, but we think if you sing more, you’ll get better.”

“…that singing accurately is not so much a talent as a learned skill that can decline over time if not used.”

“The ability to sing on key may have more in common with the kind of practice that goes into playing an instrument than people realize.”

Entertainment 88 singing teachers knows this to be true! Proper vocal exercises tailored for an individual’s voice by a knowledgeable, professional voice teacher, practiced daily by the student, will produce amazing results! Teachers of “Bel Canto” singing discovered this in the 18th century, and these exercises remain an important part of modern technique. It doesn’t matter what style of music you choose to sing.

This is another quote from the study Entertainment 88 teachers find particularly important, and heartbreaking, because we hear these stories from my adult students quite frequently:

“Children who have been told they can’t sing well are even less likely to engage with music in the future and often vividly remember the negative experience well into adulthood. Being called “Tone Deaf” can have devastating effects on a child’s self-image, the researchers wrote in the study.”

This is one of the reasons we at Entertainment 88 like working with “beginners”, and singers at all stages, helping them train their voice with confidence. Singing is such a joyful experience and should be enjoyed by everyone