Sugashak is a dynamic and captivating corporate and wedding duo; full of class! Playing a huge variety of hits, every Sugashak performance consists of an astonishing blend of 50’s rock’n’roll, 60’s pop, 70’s funk, 80’s hits, 90’s modern rock and today’s best club hits.

With years and years of professional experience between them, Sugashak will ensure that your guests are entertained for hours on end. Sugashak reads a room, providing mood music for quiet, elegant receptions, and funky dance tunes that will get even your grandma onto the dance floor!

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Sugashak adds elegance and class to wedding ceremonies, and dynamic energy to wedding receptions. This professional duo is flexible and has great experience with weddings and other special events.

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Sugashak will work closely with you to put together an amazing day of celebration and music.

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