Vocal Tip: Tongue placement:

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Here are some things you might not even think of…. well now for a moment you will hehee ¬†When you are speaking or talking the tongue is always on the go. When sustaining a note or vowel it may sit in a similar place. The tongue plays such a massive part of the singing voice. When you are singing a song the tongue can enhance or actually stop you from reaching a note. When you sing a vocal exercise or a song which is getting higher, do you notice what your tongue is doing? Naturally for some people the tongue will raise and pull back and up. This is because the larynx in which the vocal cords are, moves. When this happens, especially when you go into a head voice (higher voice) the voice can cut off or stop, or you will feel like you are choking. This can happen when we try to sing too low. The tongue can go back and down and you again feel like you are choking. We essentially would like the tongue to be placed flat and forward. In technical terms it’s called a stable larynx. You may see some singers when they perform and their tongues are flat and forward, especially when hitting those high notes. Take note of what yours is doing? A great exercise is to sing a song with your tongue out your mouth! Yes it will sound funny but see what happens when you go high. Can you keep a consistent flat and forward tongue?