Your voice: Some vocal tips to think about!

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The voice does change according to our body, how we are feeling, how much sleep we have had, how much we have drank, the hormone changes that occur for men and women, the change of seasons and our age too! The voice does get older and change like with any part of our body!

One of our motto’s at Entertainment 88 is: ‘If you can speak you can sing’. I think that anyone that uses their voice needs to be aware that like with any muscle in the body and with any exercise it needs to be tended to.
This week, be aware of how you feel. Write down how you felt vocally. You do not have to be a seasoned singer to have the basic knowledge that if one week you feel a bit tired, take it easier with the songs.

Try drinking more water 24 hours before a singing session, sleeping a little bit more. I have so many tips I can share!

As a singer myself, I am so aware of my voice. I have to be! Some days I really have to think about vocal placement and other days, I’m as free as a bee! Hormones played terrible issues on my voice about 6 years ago and with the right therapy and tools, I still could teach 30 privates plus my pop choir sessions. Even when I felt I couldn’t I just did!

After all this, be kind to yourself! Understand your vocal folds change and the muscles harden, and some days you don’t have to be sick to have no voice, but just other factors! Warm drinks, light humming before a session can also help to wake that voice up on those hard days! That’s my tip for now! If you would like to know more please feel free to email questions or book a lesson.